Core Operating Values

Core operating values

Reconnects Core Operating Values are the fundamental values or ideals which influence its culture and public image as an effective community-based organization serving individuals with ABI and their families.

Caring Attitude – Reconnect demonstrates compassionate support and concern for people with ABI and their families.

Responsiveness – Reconnect finds solutions that meet the needs and preferences of people with ABI and their families through direct service or referrals to other providers.

Respectfulness – Reconnect honours the choices of people with ABI, encouraging each person to take control over his/her own life, and helps to shape these based on what is important to each client. We respect the role that families have in helping to shape these choices as well.

Individualised Support – Reconnect knows that people’s needs vary significantly and can change over time; we seek to understand the individual client and co-create the right support for each person’s development. 

Diversity – Reconnect understands that people with ABI are part of all races, ethnicities and religions; we seek to assist as many people as our financial resources allow.

Integrity and Accountability – Reconnect has the highest level of integrity in its administration of service delivery and outreach activities; it ties these activities directly to its mission, and it maintains and reports its records accurately.

Partnerships – Reconnect works with a wide variety of partners and advocates for quality service by all partners.

Advocacy – Reconnect educates the public and advocates for the long- term best interests of people with ABI and their families.

Financial Sustainability – Reconnect believes its work as an advocate and service provider will be needed for many years into the future. Therefore, it strives to deliver on its mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure it has sufficient financial resources.

Reconnect is committed to:

  • placing the aspirations of the individual client first of all its priorities
  • working creatively with clients to provide individual training programmes
  • recognising the beneficial impact of training on the individual at home, in the community and among family and friends
  • pursuing positive partnerships based on the aspirations of the individual clients.