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Reconnects primary aim is to ensure the best possible quality of life and the highest degree of social and community integration for the individual with acquired brain injury.

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Facts About ABI

The types of disability that can arise from an ABI are varied and include:

  • physical disability – including one sided weakness and loss of balance
  • loss of short term memory
  • loss of the ability to read and write
  • loss of the ability to do everyday activities
  • loss of the ability to understand what is being said
  • loss of the ability to express yourself
  • loss of stamina resulting in excessive fatigue
  • extreme mood swings
  • lack of self control
  • loss of social skills
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“Reconnect strives to enable people with ABI to realise their maximum potential for social and vocational reintegration through high quality, structured training programmes based on the needs of the individual”

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